Touching Lives is a ministry to the often forgotten in our society—the elderly—particularly those in nursing homes and care facilities. Our volunteers want to lift up and encourage each person, and offer our caring and support as they deal with the many challenges in this season of life.

By providing an upbeat weekly Worship Service in care facilities in the Denver-metro area, our hope is to encourage each person in their faith in Jesus Christ. We can have confidence in God’s help in every situation, and we want to remind each person that even though they may feel they no longer have control over their lives, they CAN have purpose, hope, and peace with God.

Our Journey

“'Get up and take your mama to church'” was impressed upon me, Libby McGahey, strongly early one Sunday morning! Nothing unusual here, as I often took my precious mama, who was living in a long-term care facility, to her church service in the nursing home. Except that this morning began a journey that only GOD could have orchestrated!

When the pastor didn't arrive that Sunday to speak I was again prompted and strongly urged this time to ‘offer to help’ by teaching. That very day God EMPOWERED and ENABLED me to minister and teach as never before, which initiated an ongoing weekly Bible study and ministry to the elderly in Care Facilities.

Ten years passed as I had the great privilege of serving God and loving His ‘forgotten lambs’ in several nursing homes. As I came alongside those residents God had brought into my life, I began to realize a TEAM of people could do SO much more to meet the great need of the MANY elderly who are the neglected and forgotten. God gave me a desire and vision of organizing a ministry team, for which I began to pray. Several years later, in December 2008, God did a NEW THING! Over a two-week period, GOD gathered a core group of gifted people to serve with me—people I had NEVER met before and had not known, but whom God had ‘CALLED’ to serve in nursing homes for HIS glory and purpose!

Touching Lives Ministry began and quickly developed into an organized, committed team of trained volunteers whose focus was to take the love and hope of Jesus Christ into many nursing homes and care facilities, and to minister to those in need. God has expanded Touching Lives Ministry as we follow His leading, and today, as a 501 (c)(3) organization, our Board of Directors, core Ministry Team, excellent Bible teachers, and large volunteer team of musicians and workers, support a vital and growing ministry. God is continually enabling Touching Lives Ministry expansion into many Denver area care facilities, hospitals, and hospice, to impact lives for Jesus Christ!

Touching Lives has grown from small beginnings in one local nursing home to now serving many senior living communities in the greater Denver area. With a large team of volunteers, this ministry is funded by donations from people who believe that nursing home ministry is a worthy cause and that Touching Lives for Jesus Christ will bring hope to often-times forgotten people. You only have to join the residents at one of the services to feel the presence of the Lord and to see the impact on those in attendance. Our desire is to remind each person in each care facility that even though they may feel that they no longer have control over their lives, they CAN have purpose, hope, and peace with God."

Libby McGahey, founder

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"Touching Lives Ministry has been there for my family! My dad came to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior through Touching Lives!" ... read more